I'm interested in a lot of things. My research interests span everything in between of artificial intelligence (Alife, biorobotics) and real intelligence (cellular physiology, single-neuron computations and detailed network simulations). Currently, I'm working as a group leader in the Computational Neuroscience Unit headed by Erik De Schutter at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. Previously, I was a post-docotral fellow at the Blue Brain Project at the EPFL (1 year), in the labs headed by Idan Segev and Yosi Yarom at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2 years) as well as in the Stiefel Unit at OIST (2 years).

Edited book

The computing dendrite: from structure to function, Eds. Cuntz H., Remme M. and Torben-Nielsen B. Springer, New York (check here)

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  4. In memory of Jonathan Laudanski.
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